Sunday, July 17, 2011

What to do...

Dear Friends, 

I know I promised part two of my pituitary tumor story but I am having a hard time writing it. I have 16 years of stories, life and craziness to sift though. Not to mention all the medical back and forth, from doctor to doctor and medicine to medicine. I want to tell you as much as you like and want to hear… so tell me. Should I tell you about my surgery or my time back at school after surgery? Or would you like to hear about the pituitary conference I attended or possible how I am living with this today. So I thought I would ask your opinion. What do you want to hear?  

Thanks for the help… the post will show up on Thursday.  
                        Cheers, Kate


  1. Tell us whatever is easiest for you to tell. No need to add undue stress...

  2. I think Parsley Sage is right.

    Now here it is.....But.......

    you have offered. So if it is not too taxing on you I would like to hear it all, even if it takes 3 separate posts to get the story out there.

    I think sharing your story could be inspirational for others to hear on many different levels. What the doctors did or din't do. How you felt & coped. What went right and wrong.


  3. I agree with both comments. Tell your entire story. You'll be glad you wrote it down. Or whatever you want to remember and share.


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