Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Southern Chocolate Chess Pie... A Giant Chocolate Mess

 A family friend gave me this recipe after serving it for Passover earlier this year. It was the best, most creamy, sinful dessert I had ever had.  Chocolate move over, this pie is more than chocolate. Chocolate doesn't come close to doing this pie any justice. Chocolate only lifts this little pie into the heavens to make chocolate even more heavenly than ever before.  

So after I begged (on my hands and knees) for the recipe it was finally emailed to me the weekend of mother's day.  I set about making this pie for work, I was sure (despite the sketchy recipe) that it would be a hit.  That wasn't the case... at all.  The pie looks burnt, it was fine, but I think the crumbly top was due to the butter that floated to the top of the pie before it was baked. The pie filling was thoroughly cooked but it had set into a pudding consistency, it wasn't right. So I am going to be trying this again, however, this pie has won the first fight but I will win the war.
Southern Chocolate Chess Pie 

recipe courtesy of Angela- makes 1 pie
Mix together well – I use a Whisk
3 Tablespoons   Cocoa
1/2  stick of   Butter or margarine
1 Tablespoon   Flour
1 1/2  Cups   Sugar

Mix together well – I use a Whisk
2  Eggs 1 Teaspoon  Vanilla
1 small can (5 oz.)  Evaporated Milk

Add to dry ingredients and mix by Spoon or Whisk. Bake 325 degrees for 45 minutes   You will know it’s done when the pie doesn’t jiggle.  It can move a little because creamy is good.


  1. Well, one, nothing chocolate is ever a mess.

    Two, if it tastes OK it is good too. Although I know how much we cooks want things to look pretty too.

    Three, have you done an internet search for another recipe. There are dozens I found and most differ some what from this one. Similar of course, but maybe you could look some over and see if you can make it your own.

    Four -Kudos for sharing your not so perfect as we all wish at a new recipe. Takes guts to publish. BRAVO!!!!


  2. Roberta,

    Thanks for the love and the great ideas on how to fix/ find other similar pie recipes. I actually have found a similar recipe and you can't imagine my surprise at how close the new Southern Chocolate Chess Pie recipe is to Angela's recipe. I'll be showing off the new pie to my family for Father's day and the recipe and better pictures, will be up shortly afterwards. Thanks for all your support! Kate


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