Monday, January 28, 2013

The List #1

Have you met Eliza from Case Study yet?
 She is my newest blogger friend and her blog is so cool. Case Study  is my newest blog obsession. She covers everything from her updated kitchen and her cutest coffee corner to what she is wearing, reading, saying, etc. So today I wanted to take a page from her blog book. Every week Eliza blogs this list of things that she is reading, writing, listening, wishing, hoping, wearing, drinking, loving, feeling and clicking. Through her lists, I have found new products, new books ( my current favorite book is one that Eliza is also reading) and a greater understanding of Eliza and her life.  So I am following in her footsteps and taking this page out of her book. Thanks Eliza, I can't wait to see what else you can blog about! 

List #1
Reading: The grocery list... I need ketchup, Crisco, cat food, organic  2% milk,  and AA batteries, The Introvert's Way, Living a quite life in noisy world, Twilight book #1 (again)

Writing: Today's blog post about Eliza, two new blog posts entitled... Kate the Kitchen Introvert and Lets Talk Love

Listening: To the quiet hum of my heat kicking on, Wyatt knocking something over (aren't cats supposed to be quiet?) Sookie licking the remaining milk out of my cereal bowl!

Wishing:  that life would make more sense and I didn't have to worry about money

Hoping: That I can find a roommate before I go totally broke!

Wearing: An old t-shirt, old shorts and an older banana clip in my hair and wrapped up in my sofa blanket and cuddled up with Sookie.

Eating: Nothing yet... I just took my morning thyroid pills and can't eat for 3o minutes. But I want toast with butter and black berry jam!

Drinking: Crystal Light peach ice tea and I am going to make some hot Lady Grey Tea in my new whistling kettle, after I am done blogging!

Loving: my new apartment and our quite morning 

Feeling: slightly worn out from my majorly awful migraine this weekend and hungry

Clicking: Case Study and Pinterest


  1. Looking forward to your new blog topics. Should be interesting.

    Thanks for introducing me to Eliza and her blog. A new go to favorite.


  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for this sweet feature! Good luck finding a roommate - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you. Let me know what you think of the book! xo, eliza


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