Monday, January 24, 2011

Weight Watchers... Week #2

Gosh you guys, I am sorry to admit this, but...

I almost cried at weigh in today.

If Wishing could Make it so

After a week of stuffing my face and still not feeling satisfied or happy, I was not excited to get on the scale today. But I took of my coat, scarf, and shoes and stepped onto the scale.

The gal took my weight and handed me back my weight record book and as I went to find a seat...I almost cried. The gals at check in normal tell you your weight (either up or down) as they hand your book back. But today she said nothing... so of course I thought the worst.
I sat down and with a deep breath I looked at my weight and the first words out of my mouth was 
thank G-d!!!!

I lost 2.6 pounds!!!


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