Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September Mornings

What a stunning Tuesday Morning. I decided to share my favorite thing about cool  September mornings with you on this gorgeous day!

I just wanted to share a cup of tea and a slice of toast with you on this fine, cool September Morning. Fall and Winter are my favorite times of year. I love cool nights and chilly mornings. I love falling asleep with layers upon layers of blankets and I really love waking up in a pile of warm blankets. Most of the time I burrow so deep into those covers that only my nose gets cold. And I especially love waking up to make a cup of hot, steaming tea.  As you may know, I do not like coffee at all. I am a tea girl. 

I love tea hot and cold, but mostly hot on a cool morning. So when I woke up to a cool (41˚F) I was thrilled to make a cup of hot Lady Grey Tea and a piece of whole wheat toast topped with butter and blackberry jam.  So good morning to me and a fabulous good morning to you. Please enjoy the first signs of fall today (cause I am stuck working inside all day)!

Cheers, Kate

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  1. I'm a spring and fall kinda gal. I don't care for either extreme. With one exception. I love sleeping under my down comforter. So lightweight yet keeps me snuggly warm all night. So much so I don't want to get out from under it on really cold winter days.

    I did not know you were a tea drinker. Me too.



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