Friday, December 31, 2010

Bakers Box Winner!

Thank you so much for all your amazing entries! 
I was so overwhelmed by the responses I received. I expected between 5 and 10 entries. I couldn't believe it when the comments and followers kept pouring in!  

And the Winner is.... #5  Congratulations to Lisa from Our Family's Journey to a Healthier Life

Box #1 Bakers Box:
Extra Fancy Vietnamese Cinnamon(my personal favorite)
Vietnamese cinnamon is the strongest, richest, and sweetest cinnamon around. For traditional cinnamon recipes such as gooey cinnamon rolls, the vibrant flavor of Vietnamese cinnamon really shines. It is so strong, that in most recipes it should be cut back by about a third, but it is perfect used full strength in any recipe where cinnamon is the main, delicious flavor. Ground, from Vietnam.1.7 ounces
We used it in our Sweet Potato Mold, in the place of the nutmeg we forgot to buy. I really enjoyed and now prefer (the change of flavor that was brought out by the) mace.. Mace, the lace-like, dried covering of the nutmeg, is a sweet and flavorful spice well worth using. Mace has a softer flavor than nutmeg, and for a nice change of pace it can be used in place of nutmeg in any recipe.  Mace is a traditional flavoring for doughnuts and hot dogs. 0.9 ounces
Baking Spice:
All-purpose blend of sweet baking spices- a mix of Ceylon soft sick Cinnamon, rich Mace, Sweet Anise, and a hint of cool Cardamom. Perfect for muffins, coffee cake, and banana bread, or sprinkle on coffee, hot chocolate, fresh fruit or oatmeal . Or just add up the spices your recipe call for and use the same amount of Baking Spice instead. 0.7 ounces

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  1. Kate, I did a happy dance when my box arrived. I am so excited to use my new spices. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  2. Lisa, I am so glad you got your spice box already. Congrats again on winning and enjoy your new delicious spices!


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