Friday, April 1, 2011

Calamity Kate's Birthday Month Extravaganza: Week 1

So this is not an April Fools Prank.

 I am hosting a month of giveaways to celebrate my birthday!  

Just so you know, I am not a birthday celebration person. Well, I am for other people, just not for myself. Its not that I worry about getting older, but I just don't like my birthdays. So I am changing it up and celebrating you during my birthday… the best of both worlds. 

Oh, by the way I have another HUGE change planned for Friday April 8th

Each week I will host a giveaway from Friday to Friday . 
You can enter on Friday to Thursday 8 pm. The winner and the next giveaway will be annouced on Friday.

Back to the Family by Art Smith

To Enter this week: 
  • Follow Calamity Kate's Google Friend Connect, even if you are a follower- 1 entry
  • Follow Calamity Kate on Twitter- 1 entry
  • Follow Calamity Kate on Facebook- 1 entry
  • Leave the link to your blog post featuring a Calamity Kate Recipe- 2 entries
Please leave all comments on this post only and leave 1 comment per entry. Please also leave your email address or blog URL so I can contact you.  I have been having problems with the blogger comments, so if you can't get through please email me with you entries at 

katiedid512 (at) gmail (dot) com

The Heart of the Home-the Kitchen
"The kitchen is where we all come together. Feeding each other is one of the sacred acts we as humans share. We cook for each other to nourish our bodies, and to demonstrate our love. I am thrilled to discover the different ways families decorate and personalize their kitchens.  I am also saddened when I see empty refrigerators and cooking tools that have not been used. Those hanging clustors of pots and pans look good to me only if the pots and pan show a little wear and tear." Art Smith


  1. Well, I sure follow your blog, pretty!

  2. And, I stalk you on facebook! haha

  3. I also am connected via google connect! (i don't have Facebook - sorry can't participate in that one!)

  4. PS.... My birthday is in April too AND I'm a much bigger fan of other peoples birthdays but mind as well! Crazy huh?

  5. Happy Birthday!! What a fun way to celebrate! XO

  6. Thanks for stalking me Chrissy! My birthday is fast approaching and I am wishing I could just wake up on May 7th. Moved in and 1 year older with out all the fussy. But thank you so much for the birthday wishes!


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