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Guest Blogger Rancher Mom from Rancher Mom's Realm and Taylor Ranch Goats

Hello from moving/unpacking land and 
happy Passover and Easter!

I am so excited to share my blog with Julie aka Rancher Mom. She is going to rock your world with these oh so yummy triple chocolate cookies. Yes, not one, or two, but three types of chocolate in one cookie.  

Please go visit Julie's awesome blogs, Rancher Mom's Realm and Taylor Ranch Goats! And share the same amazing blogger love, this gal is fall on the floor and pee your pants funny and she is such a cool blogger. I am so grateful that I get to share this 3x chocolate recipe and Julie's blogs with you. You are going to love Rancher Mom!

Hello!  This is Julie from over at Rancher Mom‘s Realm.  Calamity Kate had mentioned that she needed a few guest bloggers while she moved to her new place, and I always like to help out people when I can!

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, and these are probably some of the best creations that have come out of there.  At least that is what my five children tell me.  They are super easy to make and also keep very well in a Ziploc bag. (Just make sure to add a hot dog bun or a slice of white bread to the package to keep them soft and fudgy!)  So here we go:

Rancher Mom’s Triple Chocolate Cookies
½ cup (2 sticks) slightly softened butter, unsalted
¾ cup packed light brown sugar
¾ cup white sugar
2 large eggs
2 teaspoons vanilla
½ teaspoon baking soda
1/8 cup milk
2/3 cup cocoa
2 ¼ - 2 ½ cup white all-purpose flour (depending on the current humidity)
¾ teaspoon table salt
4 oz. semi-sweet chocolate chips
4 oz. white chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 375˚ F

1) Add both sticks of butter to your mixing bowl and mix on medium for 5 minutes, that’s right, I said 5! (I use speed 4 on my kitchen aid).  Stop the mixer every minute and scrape the sides, fold up from the bottom.  When you are done the butter should be fluffy and shiny, like this:

2) Add in the brown sugar all at once, then mix on medium until fully incorporated. Then slowly add in the white sugar while the mixer is running.

Allow to mix for 2-3 minutes, the butter/sugar mixture should nearly double in size and be all fluffy now. (Don’t forget: Stop and Scrape every minute!)

4) Add your eggs in one at a time, until fully blended.  Then add vanilla.

5) In a small cup, mix together the baking soda and the milk with a fork.  Add to the butter mixture (the mixer should still be running, by the way.)

6) Sift together your flour, salt, and cocoa.  Add 1/3 of the dry to your butter mixture at a time.  (Note: If it is quite humid, you may need to add a bit more flour.  The finished dough should be sticky-looking, but will not stick to your fingers if you touch it.)

7)  Pour in the chips and blend on low for one minute.  Scoop the dough onto an ungreased cookie sheet.  I prefer to use a very small cookie scoop (I have no clue what number mine is, but it is little and the scoops look like this on the sheet.)  Your cookies need to be the same size and height so that they will cook evenly.

8) Bake 8-10 minutes until the edges just start to barely crisp up.  Remove from oven and allow to cool on cookie sheet for 1 minute.  Then transfer to a cooling rack.

9)  Defend finished cookies with your life.  The family will eat them all and if you happen to get distracted, you won’t get one!  This recipe makes 3-4 dozen small cookies.  You can also refrigerate the dough, just make sure to use it within one week because of the raw egg in the batter.  You will also need to slightly increase the cooking time if dough is cold when placed into the oven.

Hope you all enjoy them as much as we do! And a big THANK YOU to Calamity Kate for allowing me to share one of my favorite recipes with all of her followers!

-Julie AKA Rancher Mom-

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