Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest Blogger Sarah from This Writer's Journey

Good Afternoon Friends.

Todays guest blogger is Sarah from This Writer's Journey! Sarah describes herself as "I'm a country music girl who loves the city. I'm addicted to Facebook, Disney, chocolate, and bread. I love to bake, read, write, and watch TV. I've been shy and quiet my whole life and don't know how to start conversations very well." However, Sarah has no problem conversing on her blog. Sarah can write, bake and she is graduting in less than 2 months. I love her cast of characters. Check out this lovely Lively Lemon Cake.

Today Sarah is sharing her Easter Bunny Cakes, they are too cute!

Bunny Cakes

Hello Calamity Kate’s followers! My name is Sarah the Writer from This Writer’s Journey. My blog has all kinds of posts (well, it will once I finally graduate college in June and have more time to post about my hum-drum, lack-of-friends-and-flirting life). One thing I post is recipes that I bake. I love to bake; always have. I’m a bit obsessed with baking books and magazines that have recipes, so I have plenty to choose from.

One thing that my mom and I have made for Easter for years is bunny cakes. Since Easter is this weekend, I figured I’d show you fellow bakers how to make them. I apologize in advanced for the lack of pictures – I’ve never thought to take pics of the process.

Bunny Cakes

Ingredients and equipment:

Cake mix box or recipe and necessary ingredients
2 round cake pans
Frosting – can or homemade
Colored paper
Jelly beans – 1 pink for the nose and 2 of another color for the eyes

  • Make your favorite cake as directed in the recipe. We usually use a chocolate cake mix but you can make any flavor from scratch. Pour batter in two round cake pans (cakes will need to be the same size; otherwise, the bunnies will look weird). Bake according to directions and cool completely.
  • Cut both round cakes in half and place them side-by-side, cut side down, on a serving plate, making two two-layer half-circle cakes.
  • Mix frosting (if using homemade) or stir frosting (if using can). Take one of the two-layer half-circle cakes and frost the middle. Press the two halves together. Repeat for the other cake. Let frosting set, making it act like a sort of glue.
  • Use remaining frosting to cover the cakes. Again, let frosting set.
  • Take a piece of colored paper (preferably pink) and make two bunny ears. Fold them in half to make a crease.
  • Take another piece of colored paper and make whiskers. You can do this in a variety of ways: cutting two rectangles and cutting slits down the long way of each. Or you can cut thin rectangles to make whiskers. Try to have 3-5 whiskers on each side.
  • On the day of Easter or before you put the dessert out, place jelly beans on one side of the cakes to make eyes and nose. Stick the whiskers on either side of the nose and the ears on the top of the cake.

My mom and I have usually made these the day before so the cake wouldn’t get too dry or the frosting wouldn’t go stale, even when covered in plastic wrap. We always get compliments, so expect them! :D

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  1. Thanks Sarah! These are super cute! I grew up making bunny cakes too and still love making them with my kids, but ours looked completely different.

    I'll have to try out your method the next time I'm in a bunny cake makin mood. :)


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