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Guest Blogger Ashley from Ashley plus 3

If you haven't been over to visit Ashley plus Three  you are missing out.
Lovely Family

Champagne Risotto with Grilled Steaks

Ashley is a mommy of 2 beautiful kids, a part of For the Love of Blogs (if you aren't a part of FTLOB you need to be) and a her blog is just gorgeous. Not only is Ashley a blogger, she takes the most beautiful pictures, is a fabulous cook but a great, uplifting, fun blogger to read!  
How Sweet! 

Food Photo Fun: Learning how to use White Balance 

Hello friends! It's so exciting to be guest hosting here at Calamity Kate's Kitchen! Today I'm going to share a little tip I learned recently about making food photographs look good.

We all know that when you have a food blog or are sharing a recipe online, you want your pictures to look as good as the food tastes. This can often be hard when you are taking photographs of food indoors and in the evening (when many of us cook our nice dinners we want to photograph and share!) One thing that will really affect your pictures is White Balance.

All cameras come with pre-set White Balance settings. Usually they are Auto, Sun, Cloudy, Shade, Tungsten Light (lightbulbs), Florescent Light and Custom. You may not know where this setting is on your camera but looking at your camera manual will solve that. If you can't find your manual, just google it! Your manual will be online or if you google white balance and your camera model, you will probably find a short cut right to the information. It should be really easy to switch to a difference white balance mode.

Here is an example. Nothing changed in these photos except the white balance. Can you see how drastically different they are? These photos were taken near a window in natural light.

My husband was horrified that I used that lump of pizza dough for this post so I took a pic of some (very sloppy) Easter cupcakes to show you a better example. I took this picture away from natural light, on our kitchen table. This is where taking a good food picture gets tricky in my kitchen. My photos before learning about white balance always came out yellow. Now I can fix that with a quick tweak of my camera settings!

That's it! Super easy and that yucky yellow tint will be gone for good. Good luck!

Thank you to Kate for having me!

XOXO Ashley


  1. i love her and you....and you are both so! gotta love it! enjoy the day pretty!

  2. I love your site! I think I could learn a few things from you, Kate.

    Thanks for visiting mine, too. Well have to keep up with each other. You now have a follower.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Sinea (pronounced SEENA)


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