Sunday, May 22, 2011

Indroducing Wyatt

OK friends, the conclusion of the cookie calamity has been put on hold till Tuesday. Instead I would like to introduce the newest member of my family, Wyatt.  It has been 5 + months since I lost Raider and it was time to find a friend for Sookie.   
So far Wyatt is really calm and at ease in stressful situations, like coming face to face with a growling Sookie (first 2 days) or getting a bath. He only crys at night but is happy curling up with me in and snuggling in bed.

 Unfortunately these pictures do no do him justice. His coat is a darker charcoal gray and the undercoat is bright silver. Wyatt's foot pads and chin are chocolate and the very very tip of his tail is black.  So far he loves playing with toy mice and plastic balls with bells inside and Sookie's favorite toy, paper towels. Wyatt is quickly making up for his day on the street and has been eating and eating and eating. He purrs while eating, so cute! 

Have a great day and adopt a stray… Cheers,  Kate


  1. Oh my goodness, he is gorgeous!! So cute!!! Coongrats to your new family member!! xxx

  2. He is beautiful!

    I am not allowed at the shelters husband says 3 cats is plenty:)

  3. Oh, he looks sweet. I could use a calm influence in my life.

  4. Oh I just knew by the title of this post it was going to be a delicious little kitty! I want one so bad but my hubby is allergic. He is just gorgeous and looks so soft! congrats on your new baby! xo

  5. I love him!! He reminds me of my two, Chip & Dale.

    Good for you in giving him a forever home!

    Have a lovely week-end!



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