Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wyatt and Sookie

Hi everyone I am back to blogging. My dad's surgery (take 2) went wonderfully with no fun surprises this time. He is recouping and doing great. So I wanted to share these great pictures of my cats with you. I finally got some great shots of both cats earlier this week.  As you can probably tell, we had a very lazy morning just hanging around eating breakfast,  taking naps (the cats) and pictures (me).  Both Wyatt and Sookie love to sit on the shelves of my wood IKea kitchen cart and the end table. I guess with cats this cute I can give up my kitchen cart for some fabulous shots.  Enjoy your holiday weekend!


  1. I'm glad things went well for your dad. Any surgery is scary because of the unknowns. Cute kitties!

  2. Your cats are so sweet! I'm glad your dad is recovering well.

  3. So glad your dad is doing well. Wonderful shots of your kitties!

  4. Thanks Katrina, Janae, and Ashley! I am so glad I have wonderful people watching out for me!


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