Friday, February 18, 2011

Friendly Friday: week Febuary 11th to 18th

  Good Morning everyone! 
Spring is in the air! The heat is finally off and fresh air is pouring in the open windows.  Most of the snow is gone and I have seen 2 robins. Its only February, how crazy is this weather. 
I am sharing some pictures of beautiful hydrangeas to celebrate the arrival of early spring and to rejoice in the fact that my trip to Nantucket is exactly 6 months away! These pictures were taken on a trip to Sconset Beach 2 years ago, my first trip to Nantucket.

 You all have yet again made me smile and laugh this week. I am loving the comments, please keep them coming! I was so surprised by all the new followers this week. 
PS.These comment from High Above Chicago had me rolling on the floor and laughing so hard. You are all so funny! LOL to think I am brave... hahaha fooled you!

Heather from Things That Keep Me Sane:
check out this awesome recipe for Whole Wheat Crackers, homemade crackers have got to be gooood!

Nicole from Bliss n Tell: check out this super cute blog and some adorable Rice Krispy Birthday Treats on a Stick

Chrissy from Chrissy in America: check out Chrissy's amazing Etsy Shop. I love these Valentine Heart Pins and Flower Pins


"OMG, you are so brave! I just got back from Chicago and checked out the Hancock tower and it's view from the 96th floor. Even the idea of the skydeck freaked me out!"check out this awesome post that starts with "Today I went into uncharted territory, where no woman in my house has gone before…"

Shawn from Shawn a Marathon Runner in Training: Shawn just signed up to run the Chicago Marathon. Way to go!

Gina from  Gina's Italian Kitchen: check out these yummy chocolate-y valentine treats!
Nicole from Noodles and Waffles: check out these awesome and super cute socks Nicole is knitting!

Fresh Local and Best: check out this inspiring and courage filled post about love and life.

Kelly from Bird in a Tree Creations: check out the sweet pictures they shared from a family Valentines Day.

Check out this truly awesome and funny comment from my new friend. Kimberly you are so funny and amazing.

"YOU are my heroine and I love this! What amazing photos and I just think you are so brave! We are tickled to have you in the Under the Umbrella Network and don't forget to tweet your new posts with the hashtags #engageme and #utun so we see them and can retweet! XOXOXO"
Kimberly from UTUN and The Bee Hive Blog

Karen from Victoria Nouveau: check out these awesome chalk ideas. I love these chalkboard ideas, so cute.
Renee fromThe Crypto-Capers Series: check out the sweetest post on the colors of love

Wife on the Roller Coasterr: and she is asking the question, "How is that New Year Resolution Treating you?"  LOL I am keeping up with my WW resolution, kind of!

I also wanted to apologize for not keeping up with all of your amazing blogs. I have been so 
busy at work and working on something special for you all. I have a few special surprises up my sleeve for you, but you will have to wait for them! Kate


  1. those flowers make me look so forward to spring and warmer weather :) thanks for the pick me up !

  2. The picture is beautiful! Following you now from FTLOB.

  3. From FTLOB. The flowers are beautiful! I don't think I can take much more of winter, so the warm weather for a couple of days was definitely welcome... Have fun on your trip!

  4. Hi Kate - Firstly, BEAUTIFUL name :) Secondly, I read your featured post on FTLOB and had to come bye. You have a great blog going here and I'm now following you.

    Hope you'll visit!

  5. Oh I love flowers! I'm over from your feature on FTLOB. Can't wait to read more of your recipes!!!

    <3, New Follower

  6. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I greatly appreciate it.

  7. First of all, the flowers are bueatiful! Second, it is so aweesome of you to mention my blog! Thanks! Have a great Monday!-Kelly

  8. Lovely flowers. And thank you so much for mentioning my blog! How awesome!


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