Friday, February 25, 2011

Friendly Friday: week Febuary 18th to 25th

Hello friends! I am so excited that this week CKK got lots of new friends coming  in from FTLOB's awesome article about yours truly.  My favorite part of the article was meeting Ashley though our tons of emails. She is a hoot! I love her blog, her chocolate pecan pie and her adorable family

I am so excited about today.  I can't believe how many awesome comments came in this week.  All I can say is you all put me to work last night to get this post ready. I loved it all. 
You all rock, thanks for visiting this week! 

PS Yesterday CKK turned 6 months old. Wow time flys when you are having a blast!

Also please vote for Chrissy to be Aprils blog of the month at FTLOB cause she is awesome and absolutely deserves the love!

Angel from This Life is Sweet: Her Love in the Air is so beautiful and refreshing

Courtney from C
ooking Misadventures: Courtney is so funny! Check out her trip to the ER, a Kitchen Rant and  a super funny trip to the grocery store

Chrissy from Chrissy in America: check out her always sweet, funny and crazy awesome Awkward & Awesome post.

S and R from Swings and Roundabouts: check out Room Envy, I love the sixth picture down with all the vintage cameras

Wife on the Roller Coaster: check out project gratitude day 54. I say the very same thing every day!

Kelly from Bird in a Tree Creations: check out how sweet her little girls look with their faces painted as a butterfly and kitty. 

TexaGermaNadian: check out the beautiful stories about Greece.

Tales of a Hockey Wife: check out this hysterical post on past mistakes, lessons learned and forgotten.

Renee from  The Crypto-Capers Series: the question is, Do You Have Ants in Your Pants That Make You Dance?

Sonia from Sonia's Wonder World: check out exploring Japan and finding awesome and unexpected and unique places!

 Debbie from McCormick Madness: check out this beautiful love letter Debbie received from her husband, David. Also check out her beautiful family, I love the baby pictures

 Margaret from Shine by Three: I love this super fun No Merci t-shirt. So cute!

 Lisa from The Nourishing Homemakerr: check out Lisa's darling kids who do dishes and enjoy a healthier and gluten free Krispy Marshmallow Treats!

Tanya from A Taste of T:    Tanya likes Cadburry Eggs (like me), thinks about P. Diddy and her 3rd trimester of Pregnancy. What's on your mind?

Roberta from More Thyme than Dough: check out her new recipe where meatless doesn't mean tasteless!

Katie from Love is Everywhere: check out this super strong a beautiful women's message of Love. 

Polish Mama on the Prairie: Check out this super yummy Salmon recipe that is a must make for me. I love salmon and dill!

6 Happy Hearts: check out what an awesome time she had with Kenny Loggins

Janae from GrumpyGratefulMom: check out the Day of  the Corn Dog and The Muddy Shoe Game- LOL

B. Lee from Clean Sheets on Sundays: check out an awesome 3-day weekend and an Oops minute.

Michelle from Heart Felt Balance/ Handmade Life: check out  Michelle's life cooking with her super cute kids and 1 buttery mess!

Nicole from Bliss n Tell: check out her totally tasty skinny comfort food


  1. Thank you so much for everything, sweet friend! You are amazing! Love you!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Hugs xxx

  2. Imagine I logged on to one of my new favorite blogs (looking for more delicious food!!) and I saw my blog mentioned....thank you for that.

    I will be back...and I look forward to more great posts!


  3. Well aren't you just as cute as they come! Thanks so much for recognizing me & my blog ♥ YOU just made my sweet day, sweet friend!

  4. thanx for the love sweet thang ;) happy friday! xo

  5. You are all so sweet. Thanks for the visits. Look for an awesome new recipe Sunday! Have a great weekend!

  6. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks for everything!

  7. You are so sweet to mention me Kate! I was just reading your profile--I also grew up in a small town--only in Iowa, though I didn't eat such fabulous foods like you! I love your blog! Happy Friday! Janae

  8. I heart Chrissy! I featured her today too.

  9. Kate, you are awesome! Thanks again for the shout out. And, I'm so excited I'm getting my new knife today! (though Hubby ordered it without consulting me - so it's not the one you suggested) Have a great weekend!! ~Courtney

  10. Thank you so much for featuring my blog! It was a great surprise for me this morning :)

    Have a great weekend,

  11. What a FUN it!!! Wonderful blog you have as well! Have a lovely weekend!

    Liesl :)

  12. You are the sweetest!! I really appreciate your kind words, you were a piece of cake to work with. I'm so happy we were able to give your blog some of the love it deserves! XO

  13. Love your pic! That is so freaky - it looks like you are floating!
    Thanks so much for the shout out!
    I am going to visit the other blogs over the weekend :)

  14. I love your Friendly Friday post's, thank you for mentioning Bliss n tell. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xox

  15. Thank you so much for mentioning me again. I love your Friendly Fridays. What a great idea!

  16. Wow! Thank you so much for linking me up! You rock. I hope you are having a great weekend. All the best!


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